Classical, Christ-Centered Curriculum

Big Spring Classical Academy seeks to provide the best education that is possible for our students.  This means that we spend lots of time researching curriculum offerings from around the country.  Certainly, we are familiar with the one-stop-shopping kind of convenience curricula: cheap and easy.  For many private schools, that kind of curricula is "good enough."  And, if there is a prayer fit into the schedule somewhere during the day, it is deemed "Christian."


At BSCA, we believe that "good enough" is the enemy of excellence.  And we believe that Christ exemplifies and models excellence for us to emulate, not only in the way that we live out our lives here and now, but in curricula and education, as well.  And so, the curricula that we utilize at BSCA comes from a variety of publishers:

  • Saxon for math, 
  • Saxon for phonics, 
  • Peace Hill Press' "Story of the World" for history,  
  • Shurley English for grammar,
  • Positive Action series for Bible,
  • Classical Writing for composition,
  • A variety of publishers for the best literature selection for every grade, and
  • A variety of publishers for supplemental activities.


So, the answer to the oft-asked question, "What curriculum do you use at BSCA?" is a simple two-word response:  the BEST.

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